This is the fluoroseal group

Excited by challenges, we take on difficult applications that others won’t and provide the quality that others can’t meet

OUR GRoup in brief

We manufacture high-quality industrial valves using advanced metallurgical methods and innovative valve designs based on our extensive expertise for clients in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, and water industries (among others). We offer them exceptional product reliability, competitive prices and low cost of ownership.

our mission

To work in partnership with our customers to help them achieve their goals. Providing them a full range of standard and customized industrial valves, manufactured to the highest quality standards and delivered for the best possible value.

We will constantly innovate and improve, creating durable, reliable, low-emissions valves.

our vision

To be a world-leader in the creation of innovative, low-emissions industrial valves by creating products that help our clients reduce their environment impact.

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Sq. m of manufacturing Area
Manufacturing Plants
R&D Lab FluoroSeal

Innovative and client-oriented

Our culture is client-oriented, allowing us to meet complex needs with ease. We can deliver swiftly during emergencies and unscheduled shutdowns, without compromising quality. The industries we work in are complex and ever-changing, and so are we. We’re innovators, constantly seeking opportunities to refine our existing products and create new ones. Flexible and bureaucracy-free, we’re able to respond quickly to change and make crucial decisions when it matters.

Quality design and manufacturing

Our product offering is continuously evolving and expanding due to the efforts of our Designers, Engineers, and Metallurgists who apply the latest technologies, production methods, and testing protocols.

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